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St. Patrick's Day is Almost Here! A free download for you

St. Patrick's Day is Almost Here!

A free download for you.

St. Patrick's Day is celebrated around the world and especially in Ireland every March 17th. 
How do you teach your students about this special Irish holiday?

I like to start with the basic facts and build from there.

Starting with why the holiday is celebrated is fundamental to my program.

For this is why we teach it. Isn't it?

I have researched as much as I can about the green themed holiday and complied it all into a book that you can read and reread to your K-3 students.

This FREE DOWNLOAD will give your class a basic understanding of the vocabulary, customs, traditions, symbols and origins of St. Patrick's Day.

I have used the vocabulary and information in this book to form all of my other St. Patrick's Day resource (priced). 
For a closer look click on the images below.

St. Patrick's Day Reading and Writing Worksheets - 36 pages

OR everything in one bundle!

St. Patrick's Day Vocabulary Bundle Worksheets Cards and Games - 80 pages

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

For more St. Patrick's Day inspiration, you might like to visit our Pinterest board: St. Patrick's Day Activities

Teaching Quotes to Start a New Year

Teaching Quotes to Start a New Year

I believe in being inspired and I believe in be mindful and purposeful as I walk through each day.

I find that I always like to start the new with a renewed perspective. I aim to carry over many of my personal and professional goals from 2012 into this year. This means that I want to develop a stronger skill set, a well rounded belief system and a sustained perspective of life.

I have included quotes that spark my heart, spirit and mind both personally and professionally. You may see these quotes being useful for yourself or for the students that you teach.

Here are some quotes that have inspired me this past year and into 2013.

Most importantly for me.....

 Do you have a quote that you love? 
Be sure to share it with us in the comments below.

I have collected hundreds of quotes on one of my most used Pinterest boards, that I share with my husband. Please click through if you would like to see more of what inspires us. 

Clipart by Scrappin Doodles.


Santa's Little Helper Blog Hop for Freebies

Santa's Little Helper Blog Hop

 Thanks to Mel for the give away graphics. For more of Mel's work, visit her blog: Graphics from the Pond Blog

Some of my bloggy friends and I are joining up to give away some free files. 
Not only will you be able to download Clever Classroom's little freebie, you can click through to grab freebies from all of my friends.

I enjoy helping my students create Christmas cards for their parents each year. I decided to make a range of templates to for my students to choose from. We would brainstorm vocabulary on the board for them to use in their own sentences. 

Download this freebie from Clever Classroom:

FREE 10 x Christmas Cards - black and white - 10 pages

I am so grateful for everything that life has brought me this year. Thank you to everyone who has joined in on my adventures in 2012. I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a safe and healthy New Years. 

To jump to the next freebie click the image below.

Jump to Alison's blog: Teaching Maths with Meaning for your next freebie.

Don't forget, when you click all the way through the blog hop, you can score an entry into our fab giveaway!

Christmas Book Lists for Students ages 2-9 Years

Below are clickable images to featured Christmas books for young children.
For a more comprehensive list download this free file: 

FREE Christmas Book Lists for Teachers and Parents - Text List 10 pages

The Christmas Book Lists have been organized in categories that will help your children learn about the characteristics of Christmas.

Click on the images to take you to the Amazon link.






For a more comprehensive book list with over 540 books you can download this free file:

The file includes a text only list of Christmas books for 2-9 years olds with the following categories:

Christmas Classics book list
Christmas Tales book list
Santa book list
Elves book list
Snowmen book list
Christmas Trees book list
Reindeers book list
Christmas Decorations book list
Family book list
The Christmas Story book list
Religious book list
Advent of Christmas  book list
Christmas Songs book list
Christmas Rhymes and Poetry book list
Snow book list
Christmas Drama book list
Christmas Picture Books book list
Christmas Craft book list
Christmas Cooking book list
Christmas Food book list
Christmas Humour book list
Christmas Mathematics book list
Christmas Adventure book list
Christmas Magic book list
Christmas Animals book list
Christmas Book Characters book list
Christmas TV/Movie Books book list
The Twelve Days of Christmas  book list
The Night Before Christmas book list
First Christmas book list
Christmas History and Traditions book list

Christmas Around the World book list

Winter Christmas book list
Summer Christmas book list
The Christmas Spirit book list
Christmas Toys book list
More Christmas Books! book list
Christmas Readers book list
Christmas Big Books book list
Christmas Author Study 1: Jan Brett book list
Christmas Author Study 2: Dr. Seuss book list
Even more Christmas Books book list

Click here for a visual Christmas list with the same list mentioned above. Each book is represented with an image, author and title.

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Font in image by Jessica Stanford Miss Stanford's Class

Curvy Gingham Primary Frames by MsFultzsCorner on TpT.