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TpT Weekly Freebie: FREE Grammar Resource

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TpT Weekly Freebie: FREE Grammar Resource

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TpT Weekly Freebie: FREE Grammar Resource

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TpT Weekly Freebie: FREE Grammar Resource

I have just linked up with Amy's blog:

 Amy is having a Linky Party that sees us all sharing a bit more about each other.

The Linky is called, Tell me More, Tell me More!
The question is, how much will I tell?

1. I am 36 and happily married to Andy, with no children.... yet. I kind of do have my baby, Cruz (pronounced Cruise), our Labrador. He is six but still our baby. We do everything together and I just adore him. He is such a delight and it helps that he is well trained now, not so much as a pup. 


2. My husband of 12 years had a high-speed water-skiing accident in May 2000. It was the most awful day because we lost him for 20 minutes as he lost his pulse and his breathing. There must have been a long discussion in heaven as to whether he would stay or go. I thank him and God for coming back to me. 
This day has shaped our lives and to tell more, means that I must share a large part of who I am, that means, this story.

This photo was taken by someone who was holidaying by the Hawkesbury River in NSW, Australia, in May 2000. We received the photo a year later. 

Andy was racing in a long distance, invite only water ski race here in Australia, called the Bridge to Bridge. He was skiing behind a boat that was going 105 miles per hour (over 160km). The race was almost 90 miles in distance and Andy was 3/4 of the way through the race. I was waiting at the finish line, many miles away. Andy was very lucky that day as a string of events, were magically put in place for us. Andy fell off and hit the water and somersaulted  many times. He dislocated his head from his neck. The spinal cord ripped and frayed. The spine should of severed the spinal cord, as it was but millimetres away. A paramedic was holidaying on the beach and gave Andy CPR. A friend of Andy's who was competing in the race, fell just a few miles down river, just before Andy. She had major injuries but none life threatening. The rescue helicopter that was meant for Julie, was despatched seconds before landing. If it had of landed, it would be unable to take off to Andy (procedure). Andy made it to hospital in record time. They were able to bring him back, however they told us to say goodbye to him that night. Andy was still with us the next day and the day after that and he is still here today. He was in a coma for 18 days and in hospital for 6 months, including rehabilitation. He can walk, but the doctors say that he shouldn't be able to. However, in the past 2 years, this blessing is slowly been taken away from him. After the accident, he only had the use of one arm, a whisper for a voice, he had to learn how to walk, talk, swallow and eat again. He has had several operations over the years and 3 in the past year. The doctors can't seem to stop the deterioration of his good arm and his legs. Andy has been in a wheelchair for a year now. He is able to get around in the house without it but it takes him around 4-5 minutes just to get from the sofa to the toilet. He cannot hold on to most implements and needs help frequently. I am his carer and is number one fan. If you knew us, you would know that we are the most positive and grateful people, despite our hardship. We have been through so much together. I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ Myalgic Encepholomyaloitis which is basic swelling and pain. I have been unable to teach for many years and miss it terribly. We make a great team! We believe that everything is about perspective and ours is simple, that are extremely happy. There is so much more to this story but I won't go into more detail. I will try to keep the rest of this post a little more upbeat for you!

3. I love taking photos and take my camera(s) with me wherever I go!


4. I am from Gerringong,(all the photos above are from our town) a small beach-side, holiday town on the south coast of NSW, Australia! We are lucky enough to have the moutains meet the sea. We are surrounded by farms to one side and the ocean to the other!

5. I love psychology, especially biological psychology and am currently reading a text book for pleasure!

5. I love all of the Housewives shows too, especially the Jersey one and OC! Although, I haven't been watching them as much lately. I just love documentaries, especially anything that David Attenborough does!


6. I love Anthony Robins, a life coach/motivational speaker. Both my husband and I adore him!

7. I believe that life is more about giving than getting. I aim to help people in all areas of my life. I try to do it spontaneously and some things I plan. Last week, I made lunch for our neighbors who are renovating and just looked exhausted. I made lunch and then afternoon tea for the whole family! I bought my friend some 'pick me up tea' a nice mug and a container for the tea! Just yesterday there was a beautiful rainbow at the back of the house and it appeared to drop right into our neighbor's house. I will print it off and send it over to them. I don't know them but I'm sure they will love it. I also left money in the vending machine for the next person to discover! I know that this impromptu ways of helping is moving towards fulfilling my spirit and who I truly was placed here on Earth to be. 

8. I detoxed from Coke Zero about 6 weeks ago and haven't had one since!

9. I walk each morning with my Labrador, Cruz along the beach. We are so lucky! Can you believe it's the middle of winter here in Australia and there are dozens of surfers out each day? 

10. I love life!!!

 You all may know me from Clever Classroom on Teachers Pay Teachers

Plant Life Cycle Anchor Charts {FREEBIE}

A brilliant freebie from my friend, Linda Kamp on TpT. 
 Plant Life Cycle Anchor Charts {FREEBIE} 

These anchor charts are part of my Life Cycle of Plants: 20 Activities & Foldable Flower Project Book bundle. The bundle is targeted towards grades 2-4 and includes mini-labs, writing activities, anchor charts, thinking maps, seed observation journal, writing activities and a flower foldable,(perfect for assessment!) and so much more! Everything you need to teach a 2-4 week unit or pick and choose from the activities to supplement your existing one. If you need resources for teaching about plants please check it out!

Thinking about School: Smart Charts FREEBIES

A great back to school freebie from my friend, 
 Jayne Gammons on TpT

Thinking about school? Here are two simple graphic organizers to help start the year. Students will work with friends as they are introduced to the brace chart and venn diagrams.


Thinking about School: Smart Charts FREEBIES

Free Beach Themed Blank Classroom Labels

Clever Classroom has developed a range of resources to help you get your classroom organized with your theme of choice. 
Clever Classroom has six different sets of blank labels to choose from: owls, safari, jungle monkey, bees and bugs, ocean and our freebie; beach themed labels.
Our 'Beach Themed' set is a free download only in our TpT store.
Here are some ways that you can use our blank classroom labels to decorate and teach with this year.

Use your cards to help children build on spelling strategies such as chucking and breaking words down. This images displays how a big word can be used each week to teach such strategies. The big word of the week cards are available in our TpT store for $2. 
In this example, the word determination is used. Our themed cards, help us to display the  whole word and then syllables ie. de  term  in  a tion.

Use the blank cards for classroom labels.

 Your themed cards will also come in handy for one on one or small group instruction.

 Students can write spelling word or other lists.

Individuals can use your cards when laminated to play games or revise skills.

Laminate your set of posters and cards and have them ready to go in an folder. Use the cards to communicate with both parents and children.

Storage Ideas!

These images are also available as file in our 'Free Beach Themed Blank Classroom Labels' only in Clever Classroom's TpT store.

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